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Four Course Dinners
$79.95 p/p

Appetizer Parties
$39.95 p/p for 12 ppl

Cooking Classes
$44.95 p/p

Cooking & Wine Classes
$54.95 p/p

Contact Chef Eric for details---book early for the holidays


Chef Eric Braun

Meet Award-Winning Personal Chef
Eric Braun

Our goal is to make every meal the best you have ever tasted. I am a personal chef who is committed to preparing your meals with the freshest, quality ingredients. We thrive on excellence, great service, presentation and quality and we provide personal culinary services for a dining experience that is delectable, enjoyable and most-of-all, memorable!

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Custom Services:
Custom Tablescapes, Menus, Placecards and Invitations

Plan Your Event:
Key Considerations and FAQ's

Plan your five or seven course dinner party

To ensure your dinner party or event goes smoothly, we recommend meeting with us prior to the event so we can go over menu selections, event details and assess the need for any additional services. The pre-planning meeting is included as a complimentary service for your seven course dinner.

Seashell table scapeAll of the culinary and menu selections are recipes that Chef Eric Braun has refined and perfected for many years. If you would like Chef Eric to create something that is not shown, he will be pleased to do so for you.

Set the Table
When entertaining, setting the table can be perceived as a chore and the least favorite aspect of hosting a dinner. We view it as just the opposite. Once your table is set, it leads to the culmination of the dinner party. You can set your own table; but if you're busy, for a $75 fee Jennifer will set your table using any or all of your own dishes, glassware and stemware.

Custom Table Design/Tablescape Services
For the most festive occasions, Jennifer is available to create customized table designs for you, including PayPal gladly acceptedcustom centerpieces, as well as custom-made napkin rings and tables with specific themes. No matter what the season or occasion, Jennifer can create a special look to enhance the ambiance of your dinner. Jennifer has created custom work for many guests including celebrities, university presidents, and Four Star generals of the US Air Force. Please contact Jennifer for a consultation to assess your needs. The price for this service is $199. Special requests will be quoted separately. For more information, click here.

Prepare your dishes and flatware
General guidelines for each of the seven courses are shown below and a more detailed pre-dinner check list showing the minimum amount of plates, glasses, stemware and flatware for your dinner party also is available below. Each course is listed and the quantity of items will be multiplied by the number of guests, with the exception of the appetizer course. If you do not have enough dishes for your dinner party, we recommend visiting our “Affiliates” page for rental and shopping information.

For beautiful food presentation, white dishes provide a classic backdrop. Any shape: round, square or triangle is acceptable and it doesn’t all have to match.
Plan Online Click Here

Checklist of plates, flatware and dishes by course
General items for each of the seven courses are recommended as follows:

Appetizer Hour
Six 12 to 14” platters
4” plates
Disposable cocktail napkins

First Course: The Aperitif Course
Champagne flutes

Second Course: The Soup CourseSample of Invitation
Small soup bowls approx. 4” in diameter
Coordinating plates

Third Course: The Salad Course
A 6” or 7” plate

Fourth Course: The Transitional Course
A 6” or 7” plate

Fifth Course: The Intermezzo Course
Shot glasses or cordial glasses or brandy glasses

Sixth Course: The Main Course
A 6” or 7” plate

Seventh Course: The Dessert Course
Parfait glasses or a wider mouth champagne, martini or wine glassPayPal gladly accepted
Six inch round, square or triangular plates

Complete Pre-Dinner Checklist:
Remember, you will need enough 7” plates for three courses (third, fourth and sixth courses). Charger plates are beautiful to enhance your place settings, but make sure they will fit the size/shape of your 7” plates. Your table should be set up in a formal dining room if available, or in an area away from the kitchen. If the weather is pleasant, an outdoor porch, deck or patio is perfect for a dinner party, but always have a back-up plan in case of inclement weather.

Ice:  one to one and a half pounds per person+Example of table scape
Ice bucket or champagne bucket
Disposable cocktail napkins
Shaker: cocktails

Beer, wine and/or alcohol
Mixers: Club soda, tonic, fruit juices, soda
Non-alcoholic beverages: Soda, coffee, tea, bottled water

Bowls: Small 4” bowls X # of guests
Charger plates X # of guests
Coffee cups or Demitasse cups and saucers X # of guests
Parfait glasses* X number of guests
Platters for the appetizers X six
Plan Online Click Here
Dinner forks X 3 courses X number of guests
Knives X number of guests
Salad forks X number of guests
Soup spoons X number of guests
Spoons X number of guests

Lemons and limes
Olives, cherries, fresh citrus and pearl onions

5” plates X # of guests
6” plates X # of guests
7” plates x 3 courses x # of guests
Small plates for the soup bowls

Menus X number of guests

Stemware/glasswarePayPal gladly accepted
Champagne flutes X number of guests
Cordials or shot glasses X number of guests
Lowball and highball glasses
Red wine glasses X number of guests
Water goblets X number of guests
White wine glasses X number of guests

Unscented candles and/or votive candles
Centerpiece and/or floral creation(s)
Cloth napkins X # of guests
Napkin rings X number of guests
Place cards and holders X number of guests
Place mats
Salt/pepper shaker(s)
Table runner

*If applicable
+This will provide enough ice for drinks as well as any ice baths for wine or beer.

We will answer any questions you may have during the planning meeting. The pre-dinner checklist is intended to be a useful resource to help get organized prior to the party. If you need help with selecting and planning your table scape, Jennifer is available to offer her professional expertise and will provide a price quote for you.

Seven Course Dinner Party FAQ's

Is it necessary for the chef to come to my home prior to the party for an overview of the kitchen?
Yes, we will come to your home for a pre-party meeting to assist with the menu selection, event details and to assess needs for additional services.

Does it matter what type of kitchen appliances the host has?
No worries, we can work with whatever you have, whether gas, electric or convection oven.

What small appliances should the host have available?
Food processors, choppers, strainers, Pool side table scapeblenders, barware, serving utensils, etc. if you have them. Let us know the items you don’t have.

How many pots, pans and skillets do you recommend for the chef's use?
The more, the better—we can go over what you have during the pre-planning meeting.

Does Chef Eric bring his own knives?

Will an assistant also be involved?
Chef Eric does all of the culinary work. Jennifer will be there as your hostess and server for the evening, and she will clean up your kitchen afterwards.

Do I need to plan on having any condiments, herbs, spices or seasonings for the chef to use?
No, but I will tap into your pantry for fun.

How much refrigerator space and counter space is needed?
The refrigerator needs to be empty for the day. Plan on having about a dozen tupperware containers with lids available for food prep. We also request you have plenty of aluminum foil available. All countertops, islands and prep areas should be cleared off for the day, including removing the coffee maker. This maximizes work space and reduces the risk that your personal items don't accidentally get broken.

Should I have my kitchen professionally cleaned prior to the event?
It’s not necessary, but if you want us to recommend someone, please refer to the “Affiliates” page or contact us for a referral.

I have an open floor plan kitchen. Is it best to set up the dining area separately from the kitchen/prep area?
Yes. It’s important for the chef to be able to get the work done without distractions so you and your guests will enjoy the experience best if away from the kitchen.

If I don't have enough flatware, glasses and dishes, do you rent them?
Yes, please refer to our “Affiliates” page for more information. We'll provide a cost estimate and arrange for everything for your convenience.

How soon should I set the table and centerpiece for my dinner party?
Chef Eric will consult with you about that during the planning meeting. Jennifer is available to create custom centerpiece(s) and plan your table scape if you’re interested in that service.

Where does the chef prefer to park on the day of the event?PayPal gladly accepted
In your driveway, close to the door.

Should the host(s) plan to be onsite for the entire day of the event?
No, it’s not necessary. We actually prefer to work alone to minimize distractions.

If the wine consultant is hired for my party, does he also serve mixed drinks?
Yes, our wine consultant will also act as a bartender as well.

How much and what types of alcohol and mixers do you suggest I have on hand, generally speaking?
We recommend a wide range of alcohol and mixers based upon your tastes. Vodka, gin, bourbon, whiskey and rum are a good selection of alcohol, plus a range of soda, club soda, tonic, and fruit juices. Don't forget garnishes, such as lemons/limes/olives and fresh fruit. There are web sites, such as Epicurious, that offer more specific information.

Should small children and pets be kept away from the kitchen/prep area on the day of the party?
Yes, absolutely, for safety and sanitary reasons.

If my party is taking place outdoors, is there anything I should do in advance for the requirements of the chef?
Each case is unique and we will work with you to assess the situation during the planning meeting. It's recommended that you have an alternate plan in case of inclement weather.

Should hosts have storage containers available for leftovers?
Yes, definitely. We recommend having plenty of aluminum foil on hand too.

Do you provide containers for any guests who want to take leftover food home?
Yes, we use foil wraps. Make sure you have plenty of aluminum foil available.

What if my event goes on longer than expected, do you charge an extra fee?
No, not at all.

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