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Four Course Dinners
$79.95 p/p

Appetizer Parties
$39.95 p/p for 12 ppl

Cooking Classes
$44.95 p/p

Cooking & Wine Classes
$54.95 p/p

Contact Chef Eric for details---book early for the holidays


Chef Eric Braun

Meet Award-Winning Personal Chef
Eric Braun

Our goal is to make every meal the best you have ever tasted. I am a personal chef who is committed to preparing your meals with the freshest, quality ingredients. We thrive on excellence, great service, presentation and quality and we provide personal culinary services for a dining experience that is delectable, enjoyable and most-of-all, memorable!

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Custom Services:
Custom Tablescapes, Menus, Placecards and Invitations

Menu Selections

Plan your hors d’oeuvres party
The appetizer party is for a minimum of twenty and maximum of 75 people, and features a selection of twelve different appetizers from the list below. We prepare a total of eight to twelve pieces per person. The number of pieces per person is based Grilled Flatbread Pizzaupon established norms in the culinary industry and is considered a heavy amount for a cocktail reception.

We will place the cold appetizers on attractive platters and any hot appetizers will be kept on warmers. Pricing is $39.95 per person. Specialty food items are considered a special order and may require an additional fee based upon season and availability. Examples of special order upgrades include lobster, caviar, Kobe beef, Chilean sea bass, veal, duck, steak and other high end exclusive food items. For more information, inquire with Chef Eric. Sales tax, alcohol and gratuity are not included. The price includes menu planning, food, food prep, service to your guests and clean up. We offer our wine consultant and/or bartender service to your guests for $175. Wine, alcohol and mixers are not included in the price.

To plan your party, review the appetizer section below and make your selections. If you’d rather, Chef Eric will PayPal gladly acceptedpersonally make a selection for your review and approval. Either way, the party will be a memorable event for you and your guests.

Plan your five or seven course dinner Plan Online Click Here
Your five or seven-course meal is served tapas style, which means “small bites.” By the end of the evening, you will be amazed at the entire culinary experience. The seven course dinner begins at 5:30 pm with a selection of six appetizers, followed by the first course of the meal, which is served at 6:30 pm. Dessert, the seventh course, is served around 10:00 pm.

Grilled prawns with Remoulade SauceThe experience is leisurely paced, following European tradition. By tasting smaller portions, you will be exposed to a wide assortment of dishes so that you do not feel overwhelmed. Wine is typically served with a seven course meal, with careful consideration to complement the foods being served.

To plan your own seven course meal, review each of the seven sections below and make your selections. If you’d rather, Chef Eric will personally plan a seven course meal for your review and approval. Either way, the meal will be a memorable event for you and your guests.

Click here for information about special menus and dietary needs.

Note: All of the culinary and menu selections are recipes that Chef Eric Braun has refined and perfected for many years. If you would like Chef Eric to create something that is not shown, he will be pleased to do so for you.


Select any six for a dinner or cooking class (or any twelve for an appetizer party):
Asian red curry filet mignon tartlets
Asparagus tips wrapped with prosciutto ham, drizzled with a balsamic reduction
Avocado and bacon crostini
Baba Ghanoush with pita chips
Bacon-wrapped dates with orange marmalade sauce
BBQ venison meatball lollipops
Champagne crackers with a mixture of honey, black walnuts and gorgonzola cheese
Chicken salad blinis with dried cranberries and pecans
Chicken satay in Asian peanut butter sauce
Crabmeat stuffed deviled eggs with Serrano ham
Crostini with red beet tartare and goat cheese
Garlic crostini topped with a mixture of cream cheese, red onions, capers and wild caught pink salmon
Mini BLT’s on garlic toast
Mini corn beef reubens
Mini flounder cakes with a cilantro-lime yogurt sauce
Mussel shooters with clarified butterPlan Online Click HerePayPal gladly accepted
Olive tapenade on garlic crostini
Oysters on the half shell with crème fraiche and smoked salmon
Pork BBQ sliders with bleu cheese cole slaw
Roast beef pate on French baguette
Roasted garlic pate on a crostini
Salmon beggars purses
Salmon and lox bagelette
Spicy shrimp gazpacho shooters
Spicy Thai beef empanadas
Spanish spiced mini pork brochettes
Tri-mushroom port wine pate on garlic crostini

Sample Menus
The Jordans The Smiths The Stoops The Viachis

Summertime in
Napa Valley

Summer Tropical Escape
with the Scherers


Champagne AperitifFIRST COURSE: The Aperitif Course
Before dinner drinks, also called an aperitif, are served as the first course of your great meal.

Select one:
Apple cider bourbon champagne cocktail
Bourbon champagne cocktail
Champagne, by itself
Cranberry champagne cocktail
French 75 gin champagne cocktail
Fruit citrus juice champagne cocktail
Pink grapefruit champagne cocktail
Pomegranate juice champagne cocktail
Red wine champagne cocktail
Sauvignon Blanc wine champagne cocktail

SECOND COURSE: The Soup Course Homemade chili soup
Select one:
Butternut squash soup with Asian hot sauce
Butternut squash soup with Italian sausage stuffing
Chilled gazpacho soup with shrimp, lime and tequila
Chilled mango papaya soup with white wine
Cream of asparagus soup with champagne
Cream of pumpkin soup with white wine and pistachios
French onion soup with garlic crouton, sour cream, horseradish sauce and sliced filet mignon
Shrimp bisque with parmesan crouton
Simple miso soup with pan-seared black cod
Tuscan tomato and bread soup with fresh basil and gorgonzola cheese

THIRD COURSE: The Salad Course
Select one:Fresh Tomato Basil Salad
Assorted heirloom tomato salad with mozzarella cheese and rice wine vinaigrette
Chef Eric’s signature salad
Chop Chop salad with bleu cheese and bacon
Lobster and shrimp salad with lemon aioli and watercress
Mini wedge iceberg salad with peppered bacon, Thousand Island dressing with shredded cheddar cheese
Traditional Caesar salad served tableside
Trio of shrimp salad, tuna salad and scallop salad with assorted rice crackers
Tropical ceviche-style seafood salad martini
Warm spinach salad with bacon dressing and bay scallops
Watercress, fennel and blood orange salad

FOURTH COURSE: The Transitional Course Scallop Spinach Tapas
Select one:
Baguette with scrambled eggs, asparagus tips and salmon caper Hollandaise sauce
Blackened fish tacos with tropical fruit salsa and chipotle lime corn relish
Bleu cheese risotto with blackened ribeye steak
Italian baguette with marinara sauce and fried egg
Mini pork brochettes with Asian sweet sauce and cilantro corn relish
Mini scallop cake with cilantro lime aioli
Mussels steamed in white wine, garlic, shallots and garlic croutons
Pasta carbonara with parmesan cheese and ham
Pesto pasta with chicken and fungi
Red-skinned smashed potato martini with sliced filet mignon and salmon Bearnaise saucePayPal gladly accepted

Grapefruit GranitaFIFTH COURSE: The Intermezzo Course (palate cleanser)
Between the courses, you will need to cleanse your palate before dining on the main course for the evening. After you enjoy the fifth course, take a break, step away from the dinner table and rest. In due time, Chef Eric will call you back to finish your seven course meal. Ten granitas (palate cleansers) are listed for your consideration. Chef Eric will make sure you enjoy the granita and the rest of your dinner.

Select one:
Bourbon apple cider granita
Cranberry juice, gin and lime granita
Five citrus juice granita with lemon vodka
Ginger ale and brandy granita
Orange juice champagne mimosa granita
Pineapple granita with dark rum
Plum and red wine sorbetto
Pomegranate granita
Slices of lemon and lime frozen in lemon vodka with Sierra Mist ice crystals
Vodka, lemon juice, gin, and lime juice granita

SIXTH COURSE: The Main CourseChilean Sea Bass Main Course
Select one:
Blackened fish tacos with tropical fruit salsa and a chipotle lime corn relish
Cajun-style shrimp andouille sausage risotto with red beans
Classic shrimp and grits
Herbed Cornish game hen served with Polish kielbasa pumpernickel stuffing
Mini meatloaf with smashed potatoes and a portabella red wine sauce
Mussels steamed in white wine, butter, garlic and shallots, served with garlic croutons
Red wine demi-glace Yankee pot roast
Sauvignon Blanc wine poached cod loin served over pan-seared asparagus tips
Scallop cakes served with a cilantro lime aioli with pan-seared green beans
Spinach tortellini with buttermilk dressing and shiitake mushrooms

SEVENTH COURSE: The Dessert CourseItalian Potato Bread Dessert Tower
Ahhhh, the decadent dessert course! You’ve experienced a culinary journey that has brought you to satisfy your sweet tooth. Chef Eric will prepare this final course to transport you to a land of sugary heaven. If you have a specific dessert in mind that isn’t listed here, please let Chef Eric know and he will create an even more special ending to your dining event.

Select one:
Apple raisin empanadas with a pecan Kentucky bourbon brown sugar glaze
Cinnamon crème brûlée
Dried apricot walnut cream cheese and honey-filled tartlets with an apricot brandy reduction
Flaming bananas foster served tableside
Fresh berry parfait with ginger ale and bourbon
Fried pancake with apple bourbon chutney
Italian potato bread dessert tower with blackberry preserves and blackberry brandy
Kahlua chocolate mousse with tuxedo strawberries
Polenta cheesecake with strawberries macerated in zinfandel wine
Sweet mascarpone cheesecake with Amaretto biscotti and a fruit reduction glaze


If you would like to add an eighth course, Chef Eric will help you plan accordingly and will provide a price quote. Plan Online Click Here

Special Menus

Dietary Needs
At KneedaChef, we will tailor your specialty menu needs to any preferences you may have, as well as any medical needs, food insensitivities or allergies. We also tailor to accommodate diabetic, heart health, gluten-free, low sodium and organic needs. We do not attempt to prepare true vegan or kosher food.

Theme Menus
We will create menus based upon historical time periods, ethnic or national origin. These types of meals are very exciting and unusual. As an example, we have created menus based upon the favorite foods of past US Presidents or the kings of Europe. For sample menus, please click here.


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